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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Impossible Tour Grounded: Is Time an Illusion?

So the Impossible Tour was glorious but I am taking a break from it and sitting still for a while. Of course I will still be traveling from time to time but I won't be in a different city every few days as I have been for much of the last 6 months.

Sometimes an artist needs to sit still for a while in order to create art. So, while I am grounded in Los Angeles I have decided to make some videos. A number of friends have long encouraged me to post a series of video lectures ad talks to add to my collection of video-poems.

Although I am public speaker who travels and lectures all over the country and although I gave many lectures during the ten years I worked as a professor, I was reluctant to record video lectures. In particular, I was reluctant to make recordings of myself taking about topics other than poetry or philosophy. For many years I  kept my supernatural and spiritual life quiet. But now that I am offering workshops on Shifting the Energy the cat is out of the bag (BTW, why are cats ever in bags?) so I might as well go all out and publicize all my views on woohoo, kooky, dead people, near-death, reincarnating, ghostly subjects, right?

Accordingly, I have created a new playlist on Youtube called "Questions and Quandaries."

This question, "Is Time an Illusion?" is the second video in the series. Tell me what you think.

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