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Thursday, April 4, 2013

For Malik (April 4, 2013)

I wrote this poem for you
Because once I saw you crying
Because I never could bare it
Your loss
Your loneliness your
being sick or sad or sorry

I don’t know if this poem can heal you
But I will it to:
I let loose these words
Like hot hands
Hovering over your wounds
I cradle you with imagined arms
Singing away your tears

The sky is dimmer
When you do not shine
The sound of silence
Misses your happy laugh
Jiggle juggle joy
Little lovely boy
Come back come back
Climb into my lap

Promise me be happy
Rise up shine and shimmer
The world is waiting
The future holds its breath
Its you we need
On you we depend

Say The Dead (April 3rd Poem)

The moment of death
Unlike any other
The moment the breath
We expire

Don’t leave us
Everybody living begs
But the dead have their
Dying to do
Don’t always listen
Got places to go

Hush now
The wind is blowing back
Messages and memories
Listen: souls long gone

Whisper don’t weep for us
You have all died more than once
Walk away
Exhale once loudly
Admire the way they go