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Monday, July 4, 2016

Mom's Ranch

Sister Julia and I, along with the cherubs, are all out in rural Arizona for the week visiting mom. Always an exciting trip. Last night we drove from Phoenix to Concho, arriving early evening. Mom was waiting for us in a chair in front of the ranch sporting her brand new teeth. Looking good, Mom!!!

We were regaled with stories of the cattle herd that has decided to take over mom's land, knocking down fences and whatnot to Ramshod over the land eating all her plants and scaring her dogs.

We are hoping they return. Now that we have sold all the goats and geese and chickens and ducks, we are hungry for some animal antics.

Meanwhile, we repaired the fence by placing a pole in a tire and filling it with boulders. It should hold til we buy concrete.

Mom got a swimming pool for the rugrats and we started to set it up but are worried the cattle will trample it.