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Friday, April 26, 2013

April 25th poem 

Sometimes I wonder
Where we’re headed
Humanity so fond
Of fighting/ of hating
Me Against you/war

 Why can’t we figure it out
How long will it take us
How many more of us
Have to fight have to die
How many more protests
How many more poems
Do I have to write?
 Before we get it
This whole oneness thing

Sometimes I wonder

Because I couldn't keep writing silly love poetry.... (April 24th poem)

PTSD (A Textbook Description)

The worst part is how it never ends
The bad thing that happened
Keeps happening keeps happening
In your mind again and again

Everybody coming to your door
Calling you on the phone
Asking you questions
Nobody can be trusted
Everyone is a suspect
Nobody understands
No one is your friend

Aversion becomes your best defense
So many things and people to avoid
So many roads are not safe
So many precautions to take

Rewinds and rehearsals
Of alternate outcomes and choices
Occupy too much thought too much time

And you can’t imagine
Living much longer
The future or your life
Before it happened

And anyway nothing matters

A Silly Poem

Its happened I don’t know how
Somehow I have a crush on you
I really can’t explain it though
You’re not my type
And I’m not prone
To such mistakes
Because let’s be frank
This feeling isn’t mutual

I have a crush on you
And there’s really
Nothing I can do
Take a bath take a nap
Find something loud
And funny to distract?

Again, my mind comes back to you
I don’t know what I’m gonna do