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Monday, November 10, 2008

A More Perfect Union: Nation-Wide Protests for Gay Rights

Although there is not much being reported on the issue,  and reports have undercounted the size of the crowds, thousands of protesters throughout the country are coming together in outrage over the passage of several anti-gay amendments and propositions last Tuesday.

The most famous and most damaging proposition (Prop 8) was passed in California, a state where the courts had previously ruled that their constitution did not discriminate on the basis of gender or sexuality and thus that all Californians had the same right to marry the person they chose. Prop 8 would undo the previous gains.

Other propositions, such as Prop 2 in Florida were preemptive strikes against gay rights which outlawed gay marriage before courts had a chance to hear cases of this nature. 

People have been taking to the streets -in Los Angeles,  San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, and all points in between- EVERY DAY SINCE THE ELECTION in the thousands. Now people are protesting all over the country: 

Cambridge, MA;
Phoenix, AZ; 
New Orleans, LA: 
Jacksonville, FL; 
New York, NY, 
Boston, MA;
Cleveland, OH;
Lubbuck, TX;
Atlanta GA; 
Fairbanks, Alaska; 
Detroit, MI; 
Billings, MT; 
DesMoines, IA
Jackson, MS
Orlando, FL;
Albuquerque, NM;
Omaha, NE;
Grand Forks, ND
Denver, CO, and many more....

To find a protest near you, visit Join the Impact website:
( or 
the blog by Queers United:  (