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Thursday, May 30, 2013

She Said Tell Stories Manuscript...Trinida

Compiling the manuscript. Tedious in many ways: fonts, ordering, printing, scanning. The poems are written. Have too many poems already so no need to write more. Just compile and send out. Looking for a new agent, a publisher...tedious.
The writing part is the exciting part, the performing, the attentive crowds, the response. The creating part is the important part, everything else feels like post-production, after-party cleanup.

But it must be done.

Here is another poem from the manuscript:


I didn't think I
Could get you out
Of my head
Your persistent heat
Your red dust breezes
The prayers we swallowed
The songs we sang
Are dancing thorough
My head still

I didn't think I could
Come back and live
This life
Without spirits
Without visions
Without all night sojourns

But you let me leave
Like you let me come
And I'm here plotting
Ways to return to you

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

How About....

How About

How about if a girl
Could grow up
Never get hit
Speak loud
Run fast
Wear her hair
In her face

Live any place

Marry or not marry
Whoever she pleases
Have as many babies
As she wants
And can feed

Be proud of bleeding every month
And never walk in shame
Because of the jewel
Between her legs

Be proud instead
Of the power it represents

How about if a girl
Could grow up like a weed

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Retreat Rewards: Poetry Book Compiled

Most recent leg of Impossible Tour involved a 7-day meditation and writing retreat at Questhaven. I got a lot done. I went there with the intention of compiling a new poetry book manuscript and I did just that. Its a meaty book, divided into 9 chapters sorted by theme. The tentative title is "Stories Somebody Forgot to Tell You." Title may change. Still thinking about it. Titles matter. People judge books by titles....

Stories Somebody Forgot to Tell You
Jennifer Lisa Vest

Chapter One:  Origin Stories
Chapter Two: Love Stories
Chapter Three: Everybody’s Life but My Own Stories
Chapter Four: Tales Told By Rocks
Chapter Five: Cautionary Tales
Chapter Six: Mother Stories
Chapter Seven: Spirit Stories: Voices Down the Hallway
Chapter Eight: Tales of Tribute
Chapter Nine: Tales of Tragedy, Tales of Triumph

So far, the book includes 119 of my poems. May tweak a few poems and then....Next step is sending it to an agent or a publisher. Any suggestions?

Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Impossible Tour: Back to the Mountains

I am headed back to Questhaven Retreat Center this week for a much needed meditation and writing retreat. Plan to meditate 8 times a day like I did last time I was there. Hope to compile my poetry manuscript. 

Tentative title: Stories No One Told You.

II go into the woods

To listen more deeply

To hear what the universe

Endeavors to teach me

No internet for five days....

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Turn Away

Turn away from this day

This dusty cluttered life

Step back from the wreck

Your expectations your neglect

Forget what you were 

Wanting didn’t get

Embrace the mystery

Stop being what you call being

Stop trying stop striving

What you see is not your life

Who you truly are

You’ve always been