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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Retreat Rewards: Poetry Book Compiled

Most recent leg of Impossible Tour involved a 7-day meditation and writing retreat at Questhaven. I got a lot done. I went there with the intention of compiling a new poetry book manuscript and I did just that. Its a meaty book, divided into 9 chapters sorted by theme. The tentative title is "Stories Somebody Forgot to Tell You." Title may change. Still thinking about it. Titles matter. People judge books by titles....

Stories Somebody Forgot to Tell You
Jennifer Lisa Vest

Chapter One:  Origin Stories
Chapter Two: Love Stories
Chapter Three: Everybody’s Life but My Own Stories
Chapter Four: Tales Told By Rocks
Chapter Five: Cautionary Tales
Chapter Six: Mother Stories
Chapter Seven: Spirit Stories: Voices Down the Hallway
Chapter Eight: Tales of Tribute
Chapter Nine: Tales of Tragedy, Tales of Triumph

So far, the book includes 119 of my poems. May tweak a few poems and then....Next step is sending it to an agent or a publisher. Any suggestions?
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