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Monday, October 28, 2013

Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Impossible Tour: Artists are Such Wonderful People

I am still on my Impossible Tour. I cannot think of a good reason to end it so it continues on...Tonight I performed at an event called Streaming Hope in Hollywood. It was my first real feature in LA. Most of my gigs this year have been out of town or out of state. I was the feature but about ten other artists: comedians, musicians and spoken word artists took to the stage before and after me. A nice crowd. Some good talent. Positive energy. It is nights like tonight that I am reminded of a basic fact about me that remembering is essential to my well-being: Artists are my favorite people!

I was having a crummy day today. Got some bad news and then some more and yes, I meditated, but not long enough and too late in the day to erase my simmering bad mood. I actually found myself driving to the gig expecting something bad to happen. It was that kind of day...

But then I got there and the beautiful host, Brianna, chatted with me and revealed that she had done some research on me....and had many nice things to say about my work. A nice surprise. Next, some ridiculously hilarious comedians came on stage and I thought if only I always had comedians as starters before my gigs...I would be so happy and giggly by the time I walked up on stage each time. Note to self: Find comedians and talk them into going on the road with me....It occurred to me tonight, that tour or no,  I need more comedians in my life.

I was interviewed by the charming Brianna and then read only a few short  poems (as I was given serious time constraints: 11-14 minutes!) Included in my set were: Demands of Existence (Impossible poem), You Look Like my People,  Would the Shock..., Poverty, We Are the Women, Some Wounds, and, The Spark ( a new poem in progress)

I was shocked to find that I was a big hit. I gave cards out to many people after the event (failed to bring CDS- ugh) matter how often I hear people telling me how much they like my poetry it still always shocks and embarrasses  me a bit when they go on and on about how much they liked it. Of course I expect to be successful but I still never cease to be amazed when I am. And it matters that I am, but not for the reasons that success matters to some artists. It matters to me because for me it comes as validation of what I am trying to do with my art. Change the world- shift it to a higher level of vibration.

As one of the artists said to me after the show, "Most of the time when I hear people say they are trying to change the world, I just laugh. I don't believe them or take them serious. But you really are changing the world! We laughed about that and then I replied, "Yes, I am dead serious when I say that."

At another point in the conversation, another artist told me that I should not worry that I had  abandoned my students at the University when I left my professorship. I just had new students, he said. More students, he said. everywhere I go, I am holding class each time I perform, he said. Ah, yes...

Thank you to all the artists who stayed afterwards and encouraged me in my mission. Artists are such wonderful people!