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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Can We Save the Earth by Gardening?

I told my sister about my transition/recession garden and she said we should call them "Save the Earth" gardens. Its a mouthful but it makes sense. 

Can we save the earth by planting gardens? We can try to and see what happens. At the very least we might produce enough oxygen to save our ozone, put people back in touch with nature and provide people with an alternative to cancer-producing food grown with pesticides.

Still, I wonder, will saving the planet be enough? Who is going to save us? Will farming heal us? Will touching the earth remind us of who we are? Will getting dirty humble us enough to see past our  pathetic selves?

We have so much to do. So much to save. So much to heal. So many to save. Maybe starting little gardens won't save us but its a start, its a part of what will.

The important thing is that we move forward in the right direction with good hearts and good intentions. Everything else is just details.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Swine Flu, bird flu? human flu, H1N1, ?

First they called it swine flu but it turns out this new flu does not come from pigs. Or does it? A recent report I read on the Associated Press claims it is a mixture of pig, human, and bird flus. 

So now birds, pigs, and humans are co-habitating and exchanging blood somewhere? Really?

So is this a bird flu, a swine flu, a human flu? Or all of the above? 

The CDC and the president have stopped calling it by its popular name, swine flu and are now calling it by its official name, H1N1.  Not catchy, people! We can't call it that! We need something we can remember. Hmmm,....pighumanbird flu?  No.....

How about mutant flu? Lets call it the mutant flu.

And can we stop blaming Mexico? Scientists thought it was from Mexico but now they aren't sure. Besides, Mexico deserves praise for doing a very good job of containing the virus. They are forcing all their emigrants to take their temperature before getting on a plane just to protect the rest of the world. Do you think American travelers would put up with that?

So on May Day of all days, we do not need to give the bigoted anti- immigrant white racists out there any more reasons to hate on Mexicans. Mutant flu is not an export of Mexico.

My advice:  wash your hands, cover your mouths, and keep your sick butts at home so nobody else gets the mutant flu. In other words, act like you got sense, people. Its not that hard.