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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Can We Save the Earth by Gardening?

I told my sister about my transition/recession garden and she said we should call them "Save the Earth" gardens. Its a mouthful but it makes sense. 

Can we save the earth by planting gardens? We can try to and see what happens. At the very least we might produce enough oxygen to save our ozone, put people back in touch with nature and provide people with an alternative to cancer-producing food grown with pesticides.

Still, I wonder, will saving the planet be enough? Who is going to save us? Will farming heal us? Will touching the earth remind us of who we are? Will getting dirty humble us enough to see past our  pathetic selves?

We have so much to do. So much to save. So much to heal. So many to save. Maybe starting little gardens won't save us but its a start, its a part of what will.

The important thing is that we move forward in the right direction with good hearts and good intentions. Everything else is just details.
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