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Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Real Deal in Iraq: Blackwater Contractors

So have you heard the news? 200,000 security contractors employed in Iraq by private corporations? More corporate contractors than US troops? Paid, armed, but not directly answerable to United States military or Iraq? 

American taxpayers are paying their salaries and they are making a whole lot more money than our soldiers.

Yes, really. 

American contractors like Blackwater and Haliburton (both under investigation for fraudulent and/or criminal behavior) have been making money hand over fist in Iraq and Afghanistan.


Corporations involved in this enterprise include the following: 
Aegis Defence Services- $292 million dollar contract
Blackwater USA- amount unkown, purported to earn largest profits
Erinys- $150 millions- their security guards make twice what American soldiers make
Halliburton- $12 billion in profits.

Are these contractors mercenaries? Are these companies just war profiteers exploiting the war for their own gain?

The American people need to know.