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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

April 20th poem

Sometimes life is so good

I catch myself            stop

Take a breath take it in

Notice this

How    incredibly       blessed

Allow theOvertaking awe

Let the moment stand

Where it is     pause

I want (April 21st 2013 poem)

I want you to want me
Maybe I shouldn't
I can feel your curls
Tangling against my palms
Your warm breath on my cheek

I can see what it would
Be like/ feel like
My hand on your neck
On your waist on your
Hip the soft caress of lips

No, I don't want you to want me
If you did, what would stop me...

Eulogy for Young Song (April 19th poem)

Remember, Young, how we
Got up before the sun
Took the train to the middle
Of Market Street found the
Tallest metal box to perch upon

You in front, me behind
In our windbreakers bracing
Against the cold my arms
Wrapped around?

We had the “best seat in the house”
The inside of my arm “accidentally”
Grazed your breast and we
Giggled and shivered
Were underdressed

But we saw the parade
From beginning to end
Rainbow flags dragqueens
Dancing and the peacock proud
Parents of PFLAG

We went back to your flat
After, sat on hardwood
Floors huddled over
Steaming bowls
Of the seaweed soup you made me
We were happy then

It was the dawn of our
Togetherness wet with wonder
When everything was clear
The air was crisp with dew
You liked me and I liked you

It was before all the confusion
The seasaw of indecision
The TV talking the late night stalking
It was before the bad man
Did that bad thing to you
Before the suicide attempt
The deathknell diagnosis
The medications
Before we knew

You were so beautiful then
So brilliant
We laughed and we laughed and we laughed
And you threw your head back
Squeezed your eyes flat
And talked about your future
Like it was a fact

Young song
Beautiful and brief young song
I have been crying for you
Ever since