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Monday, March 2, 2009

What I like About Obama- Updated List (add Yours!)

1. He kisses men on the cheek (as well as women) when greeting people.

2. He believes in the basic goodness of humanity.

3. His critics accuse him of being over-ambitious

4. He is going to reform heath care

5. He thinks education is a huge priority

6. He is equally comfortable with white and black folks

7. He is polite and gracious at all times

8. He is humble

9. He is young and energetic

10. He is mixed like me!

11. He does not support tax breaks for corporations

12. He can't be bought by Big Oil or the Military Industrial Complex

13. He believes in dialogue, collaboration, and the accommodation of difference

14. He respects his opponents, even the rude ones, even those who don't respect him 

15. He has the coolest walk! (posted by Anonymous)

16. He knows the power of reframing and understands the connection between how one sees/tells a story and how we engage in creating/addressing conflict.

 (posted by Martine)

17. he is very dedicated to his work but it never gets in the way of quality father/daughter time with Malia and Sasha  (posted by The tomboyeffect)

18. he brought back hope and helped America smile (posted by Tomboyeffect)

19. He treats his wife with respect and makes sure everybody knows he loves her.

20. He is keeping his campaign far.

21. He is going to make the wasteful, inefficient American car companies clean up their act and clean up the environment at the same time.

22. He is telling the truth about how the government really works and is letting the people know the "ins and outs" of law-making and budget writing through his transparency.


24. He extended unemployment benefits---which will help a lot of out of work people- including my sister and my cousin.

25. A little black girl  in South Carolina sent him a letter and he not only read it but invited her to Washington to watch his speech to Congress in the First Lady's Box.

Add your own "what I like"s to the list.