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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Questhaven Poetry

On the way down the mountain
Cool breezes sweep
Across my face
Evaporating sweat I earned
On the climb up

And it occurs to me
That life is just

A tiny flower manages
To grow out of a massive rock
The eagle cries ravenously
When the rabbit wriggles free and falls
Out of its fierce claws

Everyone feeds the stray cats
Nobody feeds the stray dog
Til one day the wretched pooch
Has a feline for its sup

I remember the 'Glades
Before land grabbers drained her
So do the snake fish
the sawgrass the crane the otter

100 years later
Whole houses and buildings
Disappear in a flash
When a sinkhole appears
And the land grabs back
Don't cry foul

When you find an alligator
Sunbathing in your swimming pool