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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

30/30 poems....

When Asked (April 16th poem)

When asked to explain my poetry I sometimes do comply
I don’t know why when so well do I know
Such interpretation cannot but be mistaken

The power of poetry lies not in meter
Story or its author’s dramatic bio but rather
In the many ways it can mean the many things
It can be/innumerable ways it can be taken


I Used to Love People  (April 15th poem)

I used to love people
Carelessly and with fervor
Self-lessly oh yes, but…

I used to want people
Pursue dance chase
Seduce and reel in spoils
Passionately, indeed, and yet…

I used to think it mattered
If I was memorable evoked
A shudder a shock a stutter
Oh! Look what I’ve done!

I used to know people
According to what they
Told me/ showed me
Ah, the spectacle the elaborate
The wow show, oh

I used to give people what
They said to give, nevermind
What they needed, I used to…


April 14th poem

A small branch flutters
Twirling it falls to the ground
Mother bird where are you
The fruit of your nestwork awaits

April 13th poem
For Bailey Rose 

Wise beyond words
Beauty enough for crying
A visionary stalking eternity
Watch carefully this womanchild

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