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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Impossible to Get the Tour on the Road...?

Nelson Mandela

I should have left already but I am still in Los Angeles, preparing to leave on my "Impossible Tour." I have said goodbye to some people so many times it is beginning to be embarrassing.  The people up north waiting for me are beginning to wonder if I am ever gonna get there. I am 3 days behind schedule...A few minor snags have slowed me down, most notably this cold that refuses to part ways with me despite my making it abundantly clear to said cold that we are not compatible.

Another delay concerns my co-pilot, Michaela, the Bunny. She was scheduled to fly to the West Coast before my departure but due to various factors, she is still in New England, faring the awful Blizzard of '13 with her caretakers Tiesha and Mimi (angels these two). Between Sandy and the blizzard I am beginning to feel like I left Providence in the nick of time!

Over here in Cali we have all been complaining about the record cold weather which in fact is only in the 40s at its worse. Meanwhile, New Englanders are dreaming of 40 degree weather...and roads that are visible...and power to turn on the heat.

One of the things I hope to accomplish on this tour is the completion of my poem, Survivor (title subject to change). It is a positive alternative to all the poems I have started to write (and failed to/refused to finish) in response to a certain incident that occurred in Florida on 8-9-10. People have asked me to write about it, I have been invited to give lectures and talk about it at various universities and I think its about time to finish that poem...

The following (somewhat angry) poetry snippet will likely NOT make it into that poem, but it gives you some idea of what I am working through to get to the other side and why it has taken me so long.

 It is in some ways, an impossible poem to write.

You weren't there
So you don't know
And there aren't enough words
To tell that story
Not enough colors
To paint that picture
Vivid enough to break your heart
Like it broke mine
You ought to try

Thank goodness for meditation and time and good friends and distance...

I have so much to write, so so much to write on this tour. I will be working on my superduper intriguing  spiritual book about past lives and multiple dimensions and all kinds of weird and fun stuff (stay tuned-more to come on that). I will also be working on my next album, The Impossible Album.

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