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Monday, April 11, 2011

Yes We Did! (for my students)

Yes, we did
For my students

When I got the job offer
People told me not to take it
Said The South
Is too racist sexist homophobic
For someone like me

They might have been right
But I came here anyway
Told them it may be that way now
But I’m gonna change it

I will teach those racists
How to love Black and Brown people
I said
I will teach those sexists how to love women and girls
I said
I will teach those homophobes
How to love The Queers

And I will gather up
The Young Ones
Teach them to rebel
Against the hatred of their elders
And together all the young ones
They will change things
Yes they will

Its been 7 years
And I changed things
Yes, I did.
Maybe not enough
To save my own skin
But we changed things
Yes we did
My students and I made a difference

We changed things, yes we did!

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