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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What I Like About Obama

1. He kisses men on the cheek (as well as women) when greeting people.
2. He believes in the basic goodness of humanity.
3. His critics accuse him of being over-ambitious
4. He is going to reform heath care
5. He thinks education is a huge priority
6. He is equally comfortable with white and black folks
7. He is polite and gracious at all times
8. He is humble
9. He is young and energetic
10. He is mixed like me!
11. He does not support tax breaks for corporations 
12. He can't be bought by Big Oil or the Military Industrial Complex
13. He believes in dialogue, collaboration, and the accommodation of difference 
14. He respects his opponents, even the rude ones, even those who don't respect him

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