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Saturday, January 9, 2021

Journal of a Medical Intuitive (Podcast)

Sunday, November 1, 2020

Global Medicine Grid Ceremony on Election Day

Medicine Grid Ceremony- Election Day

What: Calling on Medicine holders of all traditions, healers, artists, teachers to come and share your gifts at virtual and live Medicine Grid Ceremonies hosted by Dr.Jennifer Lisa Vest and her students.


Purpose: We are coming together virtually and in person on election day to create and strengthen the Global Medicine Grid of Light, by uniting our forces, connecting our individual medicine one to another, by connecting to Mother Earth and by connecting to to our individual and shared purposes and gifts.


How: You can participate in a number of ways. You can be a zoom host. You can share an offering of poetry, prayer, lead a meditaton, share your visual art, sing a song, play spiritual music, teach about your medicine, or share in some other way on zoom. Or you can share an offering in person at Pismo Beach.


Election day is a stresssful day for many. Instead of worrying, spend your time wioth us focusing on envisioning a new world together! Share or just listen. We are powerful together!!!!

Global Medicine Grid Ceremony on Election Day

Wednesday, March 25, 2020


A lot of people have been asking me about this virus and I have been thinking about what to say. I don’t know a lot yet because frankly I think the little that I already know is so frightening. Those who know me know I don’t like to use my gifts to prophesize or to give bad news. But I do feel responsible to give information that could be helpful even if it’s hard to hear. So here goes. Feel free to ignore this if it doesn’t resonate with you and I am sorry for any distress my post causes. Please know that I share this in a spirit of helpfulness and love for humanity. This is what I have been getting intuitively: 1) It’s going to take months not weeks to get to the other side of this pandemic; 2) the virus is far more contagious than people realize (no, you don’t have to be coughed on or be near a sick person to catch it); 3) bodies do not build immunities to the virus by getting it once.; 4) getting the virus a second time will make you sicker than the first time; 5) this virus is going to facilitate a shift in consciousness and bring harmony to the world; 6) After the first wave of illness ramps down people will be tempted to return to business as usual. Don’t do it. Be cautious. The virus may come back; 7) the best defense against this virus is love- love one another and yourself; 8) The way the coronavirus works is that it collaborates with other viruses already in your body. This is why people with pre-existing conditions and older people are at greater risk- they have many more viruses in their body than others do; 9) Try not to argue with anyone at this time, attack anyone, bully anyone, and do not enter into victim mode. Energetically, all viruses are strengthened by feelings of being attacked or oppressed. That’s why it looks like a little monster 🦠; 10) A lot of good will come from this eventually; 11)This virus brings with it a great feeling of grief. It’s OK to feel that way. It’s ok to grieve all that is being lost. Let us treat each other the way we treat those who are grieving- with tender loving kindness. Shonabash #corona #coronaviruspandemic #pandemic #beprepared #loveconquersall #propheticmedicine